Steph Curry And Kyrie Irving Caught On Video Mocking LeBron’s Workout Dance

Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland and he may have escalated the tense situation on Saturday night when he was caught on video mocking LeBron James. Irving attended the wedding of Harrison Barnes, which had several NBA players in attendance including Steph Curry. Maybe after some celebratory chapagne was flowing, Curry and Kyrie were seen mocking LeBron’s workout dance.

Brendan Haywood posted the video to Instagram and knows that LeBron will not be pleased with his current teammate. Haywood captioned the video:

I’m just gonna let this sit right here till y’all get what’s going on!!!🤔🤔🤔 shots fired 🔫🔫 at somebody. Steph and Kyrie are having a really good time.😂😂😂 #kingwontlikethis #thatswhatwedoingnow #boythatescalatedquickly

You can see Irving egging on Curry to make fun of LeBron, which will only make Cavs fans despise Irving even more after demanding a trade out of Cleveland. Curry and Irving are obviously taking shots at the #LeBronJamesChallenge that he posts on his Instagram.

Earlier this month, Haywood posted this meme of LeBron and Irving.

If Kyrie was attempting to facilitate a trade from the Cavaliers, this probably helped get his one-way ticket out of Cleveland by way of royally pissing off their franchise player.