Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams Get Dragged For Cavemen Takes On Anthony Davis’ Head Injury

stephen a smith and jay williams first take


During their Game 5 loss to the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers center Anthony Davis’ exited the game during the fourth quarter and did not return after he took an elbow to the head from Kevon Looney.

Speaking about the incident on ESPN’s First Take on Thursday morning, Stephen A. Smith made light of Davis’ injury and cast doubt on whether or not it was a concussion.

“Was he running over the middle and got hit by Ronnie Lott or something? Did I miss something? Is Ray Lewis in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform? Did he get by Aaron Donald? I hope he’s okay. No one is saying a concussion isn’t serious. We’re saying we found it hard to believe a concussion actually happened on that play,” Smith bloviated.

Naturally, given how much the sports world has learned about concussions over the last decade, Smith got dragged for his take, which was entirely unfounded considering there is no telling whether someone got a concussion simply by looking at a replay, especially if they aren’t a doctor, and that the intensity of a hit is not the only indicator when it comes to suffering a concussion.

In fact, actual doctors (or at least so they claim), in particular, seemed to take issue with the comments of Smith and Jay Williams.

NBA fans weren’t going to let Jay Willams slide, either, as the former Duke Blue Devil essentially ended his NBA career due to a motorcycle accident back in 2003, just about a year into his NBA career.

It should also be mentioned — as many people have pointed out on Twitter — that Brian Windhorst didn’t devolve to Smith and Williams’ level and kept it professional, so shout out to Windy.

Despite the Game 5 injury on Wednesday, reports indicate that Davis is expected to be good-to-go for the pivotal Game 6 on Friday in Los Angeles, which could see the Los Angeles Lakers close out the Golden State Warriors and advance to the Western Conference Finals.