Stevan Ridley Posts Video Of Burning Kevin Hart In 40yd Dash That Led To Kevin In A Wheelchair

Kevin Hart with his hands up shrugging

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Hollywood A-List actor Kevin Hart admitted to being “the dumbest man alive” on Instagram this week after revealing he tore his abductor muscles and was in a wheelchair after getting burnt in a 40-yard dash race against former NFL running back Stevan Ridley.

Kevin Hart’s video admitting the injury he sustained racing Stevan Ridley went viral on Thursday. But Ridley thought he would twist the knife a little and share his own video revealing just how badly Kevin Hart got cooked in the race.

Here is the video from Kevin Hart (first) and the follow-up from Stevan Ridley showing Hart’s injury and how the race wasn’t even close to begin with.

The Natchez, Mississippi native posted this follow-up video of their race and tagged Kevin Hart with the caption “Gotcha?? Got whooo?!”

Comments rolled in saying:

“😂😂 that moment he knew he messed up.”

“Clearly Rid was the fastest dude as the BBQ that day.”

“yeee that slow mo go crazy! Lol you was movin fr.”

“Haven’t ran a max effort sprint in 4 years, but your a– was mooooving babe!”

Thoughts and prayers go out to Kevin Hart during this difficult time for him. Hart is now nursing a torn ab muscle and was wheelchair bound. Then former LSU running back Stevan Ridley who was in the NFL for nearly a decade poured salt on Kevin’s wounds with the video of their race.

This is undoubtedly a tough L for Kevin to take but at the end of the day, Kevin Hart is worth an estimated $450 million. He is one of the most famous people on planet earth and beloved by millions. It shouldn’t take too long for Kevin Hart to get over his injury and loss while sipping Mai-Tais from yachts.

Stevan Ridley will always hold a special place in my heart when it comes to the NFL. I was in a Fantasy Football league with a ‘Fly Rule.’ The league’s winner had a few hundred bucks to buy a one-way plane ticket and the ‘Toilet Bowl’ loser had to get on a plane and go complete a mission.

The first year of the league, the Toilet Bowl loser was on the business end of a bad trade involving Stevan Ridley. So the league’s champ sent the loser to Natchez, Mississippi, Stevan Ridley’s hometown. They had to fly into Mississippi from NYC then drive to Natchez and go eat at Mammy’s Cupboard, a restaurant in the shape of a woman wearing a pink dress, and document the entire trip.

Then they had to buy their own one-way ticket home and come back to present a PowerPoint presentation to the league on their trip. Things got A LOT WORSE the following year when someone had to go spend the night in a haunted clown motel in the middle of the desert.

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