Steve Austin Revealed A Crazy Story About How A Stunt He Did For WWE Almost Got Him Killed

by 11 months ago
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Anyone who watched the WWE (WWF back then) during the Attitude Era knows how wild things got at times.

During that time the man leading the charge most of the time, WWE legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, was never far from the spotlight when things appeared to go completely off the rails.

Using a cement truck to fill Mr. McMahon’s car with concrete? Stone Cold.

Driving a beer truck to the ring and spraying everyone with it? Stone Cold.

Rolling into the arena on a Zamboni? Stone Cold.

Using a forklift on Triple H and his car? Once again, Stone Cold.

Austin most definitely enjoyed the use of assorted vehicles to get his point across back in the day.

One other such vehicle was a black Austin 3:16 Monster Truck, which Austin used to crush The Rock’s car as well as a limo parked inside the arena.

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