University Of Kansas Wants To Know Why The Hell People Watch So Much Wrestling

If you’re a wrestling fan, before you even read this post, grab a piece of scrap paper and jot down the three main reasons you watch professional wrestling. I’ll wait.

Alright, I did the same, let’s compare answers. Ok, you’ve got three strong reasons while I’ve just written Paige’s butt three times. You’re a better fan than I.

The University of Kansas conducted a study to find the factors behind the obsession with professional wrestling. Professor Jordan R. Bass, possibly the son of Outlaw Ron, presented his findings and discussed them with Bass explained the three key reasons wrestling fans watch WWE, TNA and independent wrestling — story, skill and anger.

Bass tells The Pitch that the majority of the 400 respondents from eight countries reported that they watch pro wrestling for three reasons: novelty (new story lines, characters, etc.), physical skill of athletes, and enjoyment of aggression.

Bass says novelty was the No. 1 motivating factor for wrestling fans, and wrestling organizations such as the WWE are uniquely position to take advantage of those motivations given that the sport is predetermined.

In other words, people watch for the stories. Not just the stories told in the ring but outside the ring and in backstage segments. It’s not just enough to see two men fight, people want to understand the REASON for the fight.

This might explain the sagging Raw ratings the past few months — uninteresting stories leading to the same matches over and over again. Fans want good stories! Fans want to see those stories unfold with the athletes in the ring! Fans want to see one guy kick the snot out of the other guy!

One fan wants to see more of Paige’s butt BUT he also wants to see those other three things. I won’t name names.

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