Suspended WR Josh Gordon Was Reportedly With Johnny Manziel At His Trashed Drug-Filled Rental Home In LA


When we first head that Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel were living together last week we knew that it was bad news.

According to Mary-Kay Cabot of, Gordon was with Manziel at his LA rental home that was found filled with drugs and alcohol.


A person identifying himself as Josh Gordon was with Johnny Manziel at a rented home in the Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles last week that was damaged, with alcohol and what appeared to be drugs readily visible, the owner of the rental agency told on Friday.

Nicholas Goodwin said he never saw Gordon or Manziel doing drugs or drinking, but he said he saw what appeared to be cocaine on a table and other substances that appeared to be mushrooms and marijuana when the two were in the home, where two days of partying took place.

Last week, Gordon was denied reentry in the league after failing another league mandated drug test.

This is probably not the best time for Gordon to be associated with Manziel if he’s looking to get back in the league.