Tampa Bay Lightning Coach Jon Cooper Says The Avs Game 4 OT Goal Shouldn’t Have Counted, And He May Be Right

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  • Colorado Avalanche forward Nazem Kadri mid-way through the first overtime period of Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • The victory put the Avs up 3-1 against two-time defending champion Tampa Bay.
  • Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper fielded just one question in his in his postgame press conference, saying that his team should “probably still be playing.”

Things are looking bleak for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The two-time defending Stanley Cup champions went 3-1 down to the Colorado Avalanche on Wednesday night and injuries have begun to pile up.

The Bolts had a chance to even the series at home, but Nazem Kadri’s goal with 7:58 left in the first overtime period won it for the Avs.

Now Lightning coach Jon Cooper is saying that goal should have never happened.

Cooper took just one question after the Game 4 loss and his answer had many scratching their heads. But it turns out he may well have a point.

Just prior to Kadri’s game-winning goal, video appears to show that Colorado had too many men on the ice.

If the referees would have spotted the infraction, Colorado would have been called for too many men on the ice. Tampa Bay would’ve been given a power play, and we could be talking about a 2-2 series.

Did a NHL potentially ruin an historic Stanley Cup Finals? Some seem to think so.

But most seemed to either not care, or think that Cooper was incorrect in his interpretation.


And the hits just kept coming.

what do you think? Does Cooper have a point? Is it just sour grapes? Either way Colorado will have a chance to lift the Stanley Cup on home ice on Friday.