Florida Man Sneaks Gun Into Tampa Bay Lightning Game, Gets Arrested

The Tampa Bay Lightning took a commanding 3-0 series lead over the Montreal Canadiens last night thanks to Tyler Johnson’s late-game heroics.

And this fan missed it all because he decided to bring a gun into the game, which apparently is frowned upon even in Florida.

27-year-old Lucas Cassidy from St. Petersburg, is facing a second degree misdemeanor charge. Police said he had a concealed weapons permit. If he had not had a permit he may have been facing a felony charge.

Lightning spokesperson Bill Wickett said his team is still investigating how the Cassidy got passed security with the gun. He said they will do an internal review with police and he expects to release more information tonight.

Oh good. That is no way unsettling.

Think of every complete moron you’ve encountered at a sporting event. Screaming obscenities, spilling beer, picking fights. Now imagine that guy has a firearm on his person.

Enjoy your next game, y’all.

The moment officiers uprooted Cassidy from his perch was captured on camera. I have no idea how everyone in his vicinity remained so calm. Probably because there was a playoff game going on.

At some point, the Lightning should put a sign that says “You must be THIS badass to enter” the arena. First we had the Detroit Red Wings fan trying to burn the place down and now this.

Elimination hockey, man. Makes people loco.