Ryan Tannehill Reacts To Tennessee Titans Drafting Will Levis

Tennessee Titans QB Ryan Tannehill

Getty Image / Kevork Djansezian

Last Friday night, the Tennessee Titans made a decision that will have a massive impact on the franchise’s future.

After plenty of speculation about whether they were shopping Ryan Tannehill and if they would be moving up to draft a QB, they left round 1 without one.

Then they did end up moving up in round 2 to land Will Levis.

This pick shouldn’t put Tannehill’s job in jeopardy for the 2023 season, but it does mean he will have to fend off a rookie for a second consecutive season.

Today he was asked about the Titans’ pick and told Titans reporter Jim Wyatt that his job is just to go out and win games regardless of who the team brings in.

Tannehill made headlines at this time last year while discussing Malik Willis, who the Titans had drafted in the 3rd round. He was asked whether or not he would mentor his new understudy. He told reporters he wouldn’t be mentoring him.

It’s looks like he isn’t any more enthusiastic about the team’s decision to draft a quarterback this time around.

Unfortunately for Tannehill, the fact that he didn’t do enough winning last season was likely a contributing factor in the Titans’ decision to draft Levis.

With just one year left on his contract and his performance in decline over the past couple of seasons, this could be Ryan Tannehill’s last season as the starting QB for the Titans.

The franchise will likely be hoping that Levis is ready to take over following their decision to trade up and take him early in round 2.

Until he’s ready to become the starter, he’ll have the chance to learn from Tannehill, but it doesn’t seem like the Tennessee Titans quarterback will be taking an active interest in getting this rookie ready to take his place.