Here’s What Happens When a Cat Tries to Throw a First Pitch

Tara, the “hero cat” who saved a four-year-old child from a vicious dog attack, threw out the first pitch before last night’s Bakersfield Blaze game. It went about as you’d expect.

Some genius tried to rig up a ball attached to some fishing line, but because Tara is a cat, it was difficult to get her to hurl a pitch toward home plate.

I really think we need to paws here and enact a claws stating all first-pitch-throwers should be human. I don’t mean to be catty, but having an animal with non-opposable thumbs try to toss a baseball is a study in futility.

Also, Tara the hero cat has a Twitter account which I strongly suspect is actually run by a human. Going to get to the bottom of it.