Target Field Now America’s Best Stadium, Adds Self-Service Beer Kiosks

Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, is by all accounts a beautiful stadium. But it just got infinitely more amazing with the addition of self-service beer kiosks, where you can purchase up to 48 OUNCES OF ALCOHOL EVERY 15 MINUTES.

Let’s get drunk.

How’s it work? From the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

A patron goes to a concession cashier, shows proper identification to verify age and buys a vending card with either $10 or $20 on it for use at the station. There will be $50 cards available for the All-Star Game.

There are four beers to choose from, and they can be bought by the ounce: Bud and Bud Light (38 cents per ounce), and Shock Top Lemon Shandy and Goose Island 312 Urban Pale Ale (40 cents per ounce).

That comes out to just over $6 for a 16 oz. beer, which is a pretty damn good deal at a stadium. Apparently, it will be regulated, but yea right.

…there is an employee at each machine to not only check identification but also to intercede should a patron appear intoxicated.

Hahaha. Sure. Like employees keep drunks under control at stadiums now. But let’s hope this trend catches on. Without the need for humans, beer becomes cheaper. And stadiums need–NEED–cheaper beer. Ten fucking bucks for a Bud Light? Shit’s so insane these days.

[H/T @atotalmonet; Image via fuck face]