TCU Coach Throws Some Serious Shade About How Johnny Manziel Contributed To Kenny Hill’s Downfall At Texas A&M

Kenny Hill had huge shoes to fill in College Station when Johnny Manziel left Texas A&M to pursue a career in the NFL (lol) after his 2013 Heisman season. Hill became Kenny Trill early on in the 2014 season before fizzling in the SEC. Then he was popped for a public intox outside a bar in College Station. A few months later, he transfered to TCU.

Sports On Earth has a long, well-reported read about Hill’s tenure in Ft. Worth. But one of the main things that sticks out is a quote from TCU’s offensive coordinator, Doug Meacham. He blames Johnny Manziel for some of Hill’s failures as an Aggie, claiming that he set a terrible example for the young quarterback:

It’s kind of unfair,” TCU offensive coordinator Doug Meacham said. “You’re a young kid, you roll into a school where the Heisman Trophy winner is a guy that misses meetings and does whatever he wants to, and in your mind, you think, ‘Well, that’s just how you’re supposed to do it.’ So, I don’t think that helped him a whole lot.”

Ouch. But misplace blame much, Meacham? Hill’s an adult who knew what he was walking into at Texas A&M. You have to give the guy credit for realizing it wasn’t for him and transferring to a program that’s a better fit.

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