Video Shows A Teenage Hoops Player Getting Stabbed By A Piece Of Wood From A Basketball Court

There have been some crazy sports injuries before, but this one might be the strangest I’ve ever heard of, as a 14-year-old basketball player in Wisconsin was actually stabbed by a piece of the court after sliding to the ground during a game last weekend.

After falling to the hardwood while participating in a tournament, the teenager stayed down and told officials that she couldn’t move because one of the wooden planks had actually stuck inside of her.

Perry Hibner, who was running the tournament, had this to say, per WISC-TV in Madison:

Hibner said surprisingly, there was no blood. The young player spent the night at American Family Children’s Hospital, and according to Hibner, there were no injuries to her internal organs.

“They did some exploratory surgery to see if there were any perforations internally and there weren’t,” Hibner said.

Thankfully, none of the girl’s internal organs were hit by the wood or damaged, and, according to Hibner, he doesn’t believe there will be any legal action following the scary incident.

Not sure how something like this happens, but glad to hear the teen’s doing better, ’cause this could have been so much worse.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]

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