Tennessee Fan Releases Photo Allegedly Showing Robert Nkemdiche Hitting A Bong Just In Time For Ole Miss Week


Ah, college football. God bless it and its ability to make a person actively try to destroy a 20-year-old for doing something most college kids do at least once in their lives. Gotta love it.

A Tennessee fan dropped the above Snapchat photo on a message board with the intention of raising hell before his beloved Volunteers play Ole Miss on Saturday. The user alleges it shows Rebels defensive line star Robert Nkemdiche smoking weed out of a bong.

Inside the thread — since deleted — the poster said that he’d received the photo from a friend back in August and had been holding it until the Vols played Ole Miss. Other Vol fans on the thread discussed how to distribute the photo and by late Sunday night it was rapidly spreading throughout the Internet. (It’s worth noting that several Vol fans on the thread thought it was unfair to distribute the photo). 

They wanted to know how to distribute a photo? On this day and age of BIG INTERNET?  Surely there’s a way.


Even with the photo, the Rebels are a 17-point favorite on Saturday. Probably need to do even more tattling, Tennessee fans.

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