College Basketball World Frustrated With 1 Prominent SEC Team’s NCAA Tournament Seeding

A view of the SEC logo on the basketball court.

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The Texas A&M basketball program experienced one of its best seasons in recent memory. After finishing the year at 25-9, the Aggies find themselves back in the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2017-18.

The team landed the second seed in the SEC tournament, making a run all the way to the Finals before falling to Alabama. Now, they have their eyes set on the Big Dance.

Unfortunately, many supporters of the program aren’t happy with the seeding given by the selection committee. Despite that No. 2 finish in one of college basketball’s top leagues, the Aggies wound up a seven seed in the Midwest Regional.

Now, year in and year out we see fans upset with their postseason fates. This season is no different.

But in this case, the Aggies have a legitimate beef.

Notable SEC foes that landed more favorable seeding include Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri despite the fact that Texas A&M ranked higher in the league standings and went a combined 3-1 against the foes on the basketball court.

While fans are certainly happy to see their team’s season continue, they’re not satisfied with a potential matchup with the two-seed in the round of 32.

Many around the sport are now voicing those frustrations online.

The reaction continued, as a number of media members were confused by the selection committee’s decision.

While many are perplexed by the seeding, some are looking on the bright side. That potential second round matchup comes against former Big XII rival Texas.

We’ll see if the Aggies can overcome the seeding and make a run in March. Based on how they finished the season, Texas A&M could be one of the most dangerous basketball teams in the Big Dance.