As It Turns Out, Texas Is Not Back As The Longhorns Lose In Humiliating Fashion

As It Turns Out, Texas Is Not Back As The Longhorns Lose In Humiliating Fashion

Getty Image / Josh Hedges

“Texas is back” has been a meme for quite some time. The Texas program has not been the same since Colt McCoy was knocked out of the BCS National Championship Game at the conclusion of the 2009 season. Oftentimes, they’ve looked to be on the verge of being back to the level we expect from Texas. But, it hasn’t come to fruition.

This season, they narrowly lost to #1 Alabama at home, 20-19 and I was fooled. I thought they were back. Especially considering that star quarterback Quinn Ewers left that game early after moving the ball at will against the Tide, I thought this was the year. I was oh, so, wrong.

Texas lost a heartbreaker to Texas Tech

Saturday, the Longhorns traveled to Lubbock to face rival Texas Tech. But, their defense couldn’t get off the field, as Texas Tech ran an incredible 97 plays on offense in regulation. When the Red Raiders kicked a go-ahead field goal with 21 left
to go up 34-31, it looked like Texas was going to lose in regulation.

But, Texas drove down the field into field goal range in limited time, and this kick sent it to overtime…

Of course, it was too good to be true for the Longhorns.

A few plays later, Texas Tech kicked the game-winning field goal and Texas lost again, effectively ending their playoff chances at 2-2.

Longhorn fans are sad and others are making fun of them

For some reason everyone roots against Texas. Maybe it’s because I loved Vince Young but I like Texas being good. Others obviously disagree.

First off, some Longhorn fans want Steve Sarkisian fired. I think they’re absolutely crazy, but they do exist.

Then again, this guy who thinks the Longhorns are just holding back until they get to the SEC is probably more delusional.

Mine too, @MoneyMosley10. Mine too.

Needless to say…