So You Want To Go To The 2023 Masters? Here’s What It Would Cost You For A Ticket

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If you’re a golfer, or even just a golf fan, you probably have a number of bucket list items.

Maybe you want to visit St. Andrew’s and walk across the Swilcan Bridge. Or maybe the plan is to take a trip out west and play Pebble Beach as you tour the Monterrey Peninsula.

But almost all golf fans will tell you that there’s one true mecca. That’s Augusta National Golf Club, and that’s a trip to The Masters.

Shockingly, tickets to The Masters are not all that expensive. A practice round ticket will run you just $100 while tournament rounds are $140. But herein lies the catch. Getting them is nearly impossible.

Fans who wish to purchase tickets through The Masters directly must win a lottery to do so. Otherwise, you’re heading to the resale market. And that’s where things get pricey.

Amanada Christovich of Front Office Sports reports that tickets for Friday’s opening round on StubHub started at $6,600 dollars. But that’s only the beginning. Christovich also stated that four-day passes could be had for as much as $90,000.

“On Wednesday, tickets for the storied event at Augusta National Golf Club started at four figures and jumped to almost $90,000, according to StubHub.

  • Get-in ticket prices for a one-day pass on Thursday, the first day of the event, started at $6,600. Friday’s session was slightly cheaper at around $2,700.
  • Get-in prices for all four days at Augusta were just a few dollars shy of $12,000. 
  • The four-day pass topped out at a whopping $89,999.

Prices for the Saturday-Sunday session will likely fluctuate depending on how the field narrows. If, say, Tiger Woods makes it to the later rounds of the event, prices will probably skyrocket. 

Right now, the Saturday-Sunday sessions are already starting at $3,450 for a two-day pass.” – via Front Office Sports

That’s a lot of dough. But for some fans, it’s just worth it to make that lifetime dream come true.

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