Those Close To Aaron Rodgers Don’t Believe He’ll Retire

aaron rodgers warming up with the jets

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While they admitted to not having any direct knowledge from Aaron Rodgers, both Pat McAfee and AJ Hawk — who are close with the future Hall of Fame quarterback — believe that the 39-year-old will attempt to rehab his torn Achilles to continue playing in the NFL.

After an entire offseason of hype and anticipation, Rodgers made his official debut with the Jets on Monday night only to complete tear his Achilles just four snaps into his career with the team.

Speaking on Tuesday’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, both McAfee and Hawk — who played with Rodgers for many years in Green Bay — said they can’t imagine Rodgers going out like this. Again, neither were speaking with any explicit information were Rodgers and were purely speculating.

Given thar Rodgers completely tore his Achilles, the rehab process could take anywhere from eight months to an entire year. While Rodgers had previously said he didn’t see his time with the Jets as a “one and done”, ths career-altering injury obviously changes things.

With Rodgers now benched for the entire season, the Jets will be turning to Zach Wilson as their starting signal caller, who was selected with the #2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft and has looked like anything but a franchise QB since.

In fact, the only reason that Wilson likely remains on the Jets’ roster and wasn’t cut completely is because they were able to acquire Rodgers and needed a backup QB.

The injury is not only devastating for Rodgers but for the Jets fanbase, who are currently suffering through the longest postseason drought in the entire National Football League. And not only did Rodgers have Jets fans believing they would make the playoffs but there were also expectations that they’d even compete for a Super Bowl title.

At this time, Rodgers has yet to address the media after suffering the season-ending Achilles injury. When he does, he’ll likely discuss where his head is at regarding his future in the NFL.

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