Ice Fisherman Pulls Up Three Massive Lake Trout That Can Best Be Described As ‘Whales In Training’

  • Ice Fishing has the added element of surprise where a fisherman never knows what’s coming up through the hole in the ice until the last second
  • Justin was ice fishing through 6 feet of ice and pulled up not one, not two, but three Lake Trout that are so beefy they look like tiny submarines
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Ice fishing is really the one type of fishing I have zero experience with. I grew up in Southwest Florida and though I spent every childhood Summer in upstate New York we’d never go in the Winter when the lake was frozen. And I’ve never had the chance to book a ‘cation with the boys to pull some slobs up through the ice like the fish below.

Justin of the Fish Frostbite YouTube channel recently reeled in two Lake Trout through six feet of ice. These fish are so dang big you’d think they were oversized pillows he purchased at Bass Pro Shops (I’ve got a few that are similar). But these fish are 100% legit and they blew his mind coming through the ice.

And after reeling in one of the biggest Lake Trout you’ll ever see (through 6 feet of ice) he didn’t stop. That fish would’ve been enough for anyone, including him. But he kept fishing and later reeled in another gigantic fish. AND THEN ANOTHER.

The first big fish comes around the 4-minute mark in the video, the next is around the 12:40, and the third fish is caught around 16 minutes. So be sure to jump around in the video but I’ve set it so the video should start around the 4-minute mark when you hit play.

Ice Fisherman Pulls Up A Truly Massive Lake Trout

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I’ve only ever caught a single Lake Trout in my life and I basically caught it by accident. There’s Lake Trout in the lake our house is on in The Adirondacks but I only ever caught largemouth bass and chain pickerel in the lake because the trout are out too deep. The one I managed to catch must’ve been lost. But comparing the laker I caught to this fish is like comparing a goldfish to a marlin.

If anyone out there wants to house me in their lake shack for a weekend in the Winter I’m willing to fly to remote corners of the country as long as your lake is loaded with fish. I’ll bring the booze.