Three Bros Sneak Into Houston’s Abandoned Astrodome With Beers, Take Lots of Pics Of The Empty Stadium

When the Houston Astrodome opened in 1965, it was declared “Eighth Wonder of the World”. It was the first indoor domed stadium and the first sports space to use AstroTurf.It hosted the so-called Game of the Century between the University of Houston and UCLA and WrestleMania X-Seven, along with all those Houston Oilers and Astros games from the glory days.

It’s been abandoned for years (the last a team played there was 1999 and the last an event was there was in 2009). Its fate is still up in the air, though there’s some talk of turning it into an indoor urban park.

Two years ago, three Bros snuck into the empty stadium with beers. They hit up the roof, field, locker room, box suites, and press box, all of which are just collecting dust and cobwebs at this point. It’s urban exploring of an eerily empty stadium at its best.

Trespassing is illegal. Don’t trespass, Bros. But if you do, make sure you bring a camera or a phone so you can take some pics for everyone’s general enjoyment of your adventures afterwards. Because the pics one of the Bros uploaded to Reddit to share with the world are awesome:

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