Tiger Woods Has The Filthiest Mouth On The PGA Tour According To FCC Complaints


We live in a world where people seated at home watching golf feel the need to complain to the Federal Communications Commission when they hear a player say a swear word. Some would say this is a waste of time. Others would say it’s a tremendous waste of time.

It’s happened a grand total of 22 times in the past five years.

And it turns out one player is responsible for a lion’s share of such tattling.

Tiger Woods, y’all.

Outbursts from Woods resulted in 15 of those complaints – including one angry viewer saying: “I should not be subjected to this in my own home.”

The 14-time major champion, 39, does get more airtime than any other golfer, but that is no excuse as far as another disgruntled complainant is concerned, who wrote: “When watching a sports program we should be free from vile, insulting assaults.”

I can think of nothing sadder than someone taking moments out of their lives to bitch and moan that their innocent ears have heard a four-letter word. What’s even more amazing is that all of these complaints are lodged by otherwise fully recognized members of adult society.

Scary, right.

While Woods’ temper is legendary, one can also attribute the disparity to the intense coverage his rounds get.

Those poor lesser players just never get the spotlight to cuss.

Man. Get. A. Life.

Sorry. Get. A. Fucking. Life.

[H/T: CBS Sports]