Jason Day Reveals Gnarly Injury That Forced Tiger Woods To Withdraw From A Major In 2022

Tiger Woods at The Masters in 2023

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Tiger Woods wasn’t shy about addressing the uphill battle he was facing when he headed down to Augusta National to compete in The Masters this year.

He may have won the tournament for the fifth time in 2019, but he’s been facing plenty of lingering issues stemming from the car accident he was involved in back in 2021 and was such a longshot to in 2023 that one fan bet $250K in the hopes of netting a measly $2k if he failed to outdo the rest of the field.

Woods was able to sneak into the weekend after making the cut for the 23rd consecutive time by the slimmest margin possible, but he opted to call it quits following the conclusion of the third round while citing the plantar fasciitis that forced him to withdraw on Sunday morning.

Tiger’s future remains somewhat murky as the 47-year-old continues to grapple with the chronic injuries that have repeatedly hampered his ability to navigate the course.

It’s been close to a year since Woods also called it quits after 54 holes at the 2022 PGA Championship.

He didn’t offer a ton of insight into the specific ailment he was dealing with at the time aside from acknowledging he was experiencing pain in the right leg he had surgically repaired in the wake of the aforementioned crash, but it seems like he really downplayed the reality of his situation when he told reporters “I’m sore.”

On Sunday, Jason Day discussed Tiger’s recent woes while speaking with the media and revealed the actual reason Woods was forced to withdraw from the PGA Championship, saying:

“I was talking to him at the end of last year, and then he was saying the reason why he pulled out of the PGA was a screw went through the skin on Saturday.”

I think “a screw puncturing your skin” is a very valid reason to head home early.

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