More Tim Anderson Fight Rumors Come To Light Amid Suspension News

White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson

Getty Image / Quinn Harris

Turns out it’s been an incredibly tough week for the Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson.

Rumors are floating around that he got in a physical altercation with a teammate right before news broke of his suspension from the fight he had with Jose Ramirez.

According to Shane Riordan, an executive producer for a Chicago-based sports radio show, 670 The Score, Tim Anderson and teammate Yasmani Grandal got into an altercation at the clubhouse.

The rumored altercation took place a day before the All-Star break but Tim Anderson didn’t want him to leave. So, things got physical, according to the rumors.

Although this report is floating around the internet, Grandal denies he and Anderson got into a physical altercation, per NBCS Chicago.

So, although it may not be true, the fact that rumor was spreading around still makes it a tough news week for Tim Anderson.

With that said, the MLB has finally announced punishments for both Anderson and Ramirez. Somehow, the White Sox shortstop is receiving a harsher penalty after getting slept.

Bleacher Report claims that Tim Anderson is receiving a six game suspension, while Jose Ramirez receives three.

Maybe the MLB thought Anderson was the reason the whole altercation took place and punished him for that.

Regardless, between getting knocked out, (likely false) rumors of getting into another fight with a teammate buzzing online, and then receiving a longer suspension than his opponent… It’s been a horrendously tough week for Anderson.

Maybe this six game break can give him the time he needs to get back on his feet though. So, here’s to hoping Tim Anderson gets some good news for once this time next week.