Legendary Broadcaster Tim Brando Goes OFF On The AP Poll, College Football Playoff

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Broadcaster Tim Brando has seen a lot in his over 40 years calling games for ESPN, TNT, CBS, Fox and Raycom.

The 67-year-old has hosted SportsCenter, and voiced games for leagues like the NBA, the NFL, SEC football, and ACC basketball.

Since 2014, Brando has been a play-by-play announcer for college basketball and football games on Fox and Fox Sports 1.

So there are very few sportscasters in America with a resume as complete as his.

As such, he feels that his opinion has weight and isn’t afraid to share it.

Such was the case when he revealed his preseason college football top 10 in early August and it was filled with all sorts of surprises.

And while Brando has the usual suspects in his top 10 like Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama and Clemson, it doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.

In fact, it downright ticks Tim Brando off.

During his appearance on 365 Sports this week, Brando crushed the AP Top 25 and the College Football Playoff, calling the latter “bogus.”

“It’s nothing more than a starting grid for the elite brand names of college football so they can make sure they get the same damn four teams in the same damn bogus College Football Playoff that we’ve had to deal with since 2014,” Brando said. “It’s a joke. It’s a crock.

“And the fact that legitimate media… You know, I heard Ralph Russo today, a little bit, talking about, ‘You know there’s all these bluebloods. Why are all these bluebloods in there?’

“Because you want them in there! That’s why they’re there,” Brando continued.

“Because the writers don’t want to have to work and find out more about the Kansas States, the Baylors, the Texas Techs, teams that could make a move. God forbid, a team like Tulane or any team that would be from a Group of Five getting any love whatsoever.

“I mean they just play to the same damn narrative and this propaganda that the College Football Playoff has been delivering. And it’s been so bogus for so long that we finally were able to kick it out and and have some sanity come into the process and get to an expanded playoff format. Maybe then they’ll consider it.”

Tim Brando is fired up!

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