Tim Tebow Explained His Totally Not Ludicrous Reasons For Trying To Become A Pro Baseball Player

by 4 years ago
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YouTube - First Take Today

I have to hand it to Tim Tebow. He’s certainly playing the part of a Major League Baseball prospect quite well.

He’s holding public workouts like a real MLB prospect.

He’s autographing baseballs and bats like a real MLB prospect.

He’s even inked a brand new endorsement deal with Adidas like a real MLB prospect, thus the shirt you see him wearing in the video below.

Hmmm… a new endorsement deal. You don’t suppose that has anything to do with this sudden career change at age 29, do you?

Nah. He says he is taking a pay cut to go play baseball. And by God, it’s not for the publicity, because he would never do that. According to Tebow, he just wants to play baseball because he’s “passionate” about it. What a tool.

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