A Timeline Of Patrick Mahomes And Others Calling The Chiefs’ Offense “Special” And What It Means Now

timeline Patrick Mahomes special offense

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  • After crawling back to 4-4 on the season, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters he still thinks ‘this will be a special offense’
  • A quick dive into the archives shows that Patrick Mahomes has a long history of calling the Chiefs’ offense ‘special’
  • Anyone looking at the stats right now sees that Kansas City’s offense is already ‘special’ as Mahomes currently leads the NFL in interceptions
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Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are 4-4 on the season. They managed to pull off a 17-20 win at home on Monday Night Football against the New York Giants to get back to .500 through 8 weeks.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has had an uncharacteristically awful season thus far. Mahomes currently leads the NFL in interceptions with 10 so far this season and he’s averaging more than 1 per game. The flip side of that is Patrick currently ranks 3rd in passing yards behind Brady and Stafford and 4th in TDs behind Brady, Stafford, and Burrow.

While it’s not all ‘trouble in paradise’ just yet Chiefs fans have already started a Change.org petition asking for Mahomes to be benched.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Giants on Monday Night Football, Patrick Mahomes spoke with reporters and uttered words that sounded familiar to me. He said “I think we can still be a special offense” and I immediately thought I’d heard that before. As it turns out, Patrick keeps using that quote every single year.

Also, let’s take a moment to recognize that with Mahomes leading the league in interceptions the Chiefs’ offense IS ALREADY special. He’s bestowed that honor on Kansas City so I’m not sure what this “can still be” talk is all about.

Timeline Of Patrick Mahomes Calling The Chiefs’ Offense “Special”

As I alluded to above, ‘Special’ is pretty much the only word Mahomes has to describe his team’s offense. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the timeline.

August 2018

Mahomes entered 2018’s training camp as the starter for the first time (it was a battle in 2017) and Patrick told reporters he thought they could be ‘special’. The Chiefs went 12-4 that season and 1-1 in the playoffs:

August 2019

Cris Carter on Fox Sports says the Chiefs offense is “going to be a special offense”. Mahomes went 11-3 in the regular season and 3-0 in the Playoffs.

September 2019: ‘a special talent’

A month later, Mark Ingram acknowledged just how special Mahomes and the Chiefs are but admitted the Ravens could beat them. The Chiefs would win that matchup 33-28.

2020: Yup, still special

Did someone say ‘special’?

“Something special”

Special. So special.

They’re just special. Haven’t you heard?

Now that Patrick Mahomes is facing adversity for his first time as the Kansas City Chiefs starter and clawing back to .500 against the Giants, Mahomes wants to feel special again.

November 2021: Hoping to be special again

Here’s the full quote from NBC Sporots:

“Even the Titans game the week before, we’re going to battle to the very end, I promise you that. You’re hoping that the turnover luck flips the other way, but that comes with us trying to execute at a higher level. We had the ball that bounced up in the air and was picked off. Then Travis, who doesn’t fumble, he fumbled. Like I said to Trav and all these guys, ‘I’m going to keep coming right back to you. I’m going to throw it to you and let you make a play because I have that trust in you.’

“I think as the season goes on, hopefully we can correct the turnovers and I think we can still be a special offense.”

Mentally, we are here:

I’m no oddsmaker so I won’t set the line on whether the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes will rebound and achieve that mythical ‘special’ status they desperately crave. I will admit I’m very much rooting for Mahomes to turn it around as I’ve got him as the QB on my fantasy team. I had Jameis Winston as my backup but he just went down for the season so I’m now fully relying on Mahomes to put up some huge regular-season numbers and then lose to my Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs again.