Titans List QB Malik Willis Ahead Of Rookie 2nd Round Pick Will Levis On Depth Chart

Will Levis Malik Willis

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The Tennessee Titans have placed second-year quarterback Malik Willis ahead of rookie 2023 2nd round draft pick, Will Levis, on their official website team depth chart.

This surprising move comes after a standout performance by Willis during the offseason, following a challenging rookie season.

Willis, a 3rd round pick in the 2022 Draft, faced a demanding initiation to the NFL last year, struggling to find his footing.

Throughout his rookie season, he was unable to register a single touchdown pass and threw three interceptions. However, recent developments seem to signal a positive shift for the young quarterback.

Coach Mike Vrabel, who has been keeping a close eye on Willis’s progress, previously shared his optimism about the player’s growth.

“I thought Malik [Willis] came out of the spring with glaring improvement,” Vrabel stated, acknowledging the strides that Willis has made during the team’s offseason activities.

Vrabel highlighted the importance of having a strong quarterback lineup, stating, “We feel good about where we’re at. You can’t have too many quarterbacks, and hopefully they’re all good ones and that we’ll have tough decisions.”

An early July report published on the official team website revealed that Willis had outperformed Will Levis during the pre-Training Camp period.

This development has solidified Willis’s ascent on the depth chart, indicating the coaching staff’s confidence in his abilities as they prepare for the upcoming season.