Titans Promoting DL Coach Terrell Williams To Head Coach For Bears Pre-Season Opener

Terrell Williams

Corey Perrine/Getty Image

The Titans have announced that their assistant head coach and defensive line coach, Terrell Williams, will take the reins as the team’s head coach for their upcoming preseason opener against the Bears.

This decision, made by the long-standing head coach Mike Vrabel, aims to provide Williams with an opportunity to showcase his leadership skills and strategic acumen while gaining experience in a head coaching role.

With Mike Vrabel at the helm since 2018, the Titans have steadily grown into a competitive force in the NFL.

Vrabel’s decision to temporarily step aside and allow Terrell Williams to assume the head coaching responsibilities for this preseason game highlights the organization’s commitment to nurturing coaching talent from within their ranks.

During a press conference on Monday, Vrabel expressed his enthusiasm for this decision, stating, “I think this is a great opportunity for him and for us and for everybody involved.”

He further explained that Williams would be responsible for in-game coaching decisions, while defensive assistant Clint McMillan would manage the defensive line.

Terrell Williams’ coaching journey has spanned an impressive 26 seasons, with a significant focus on nurturing defensive line talent. He honed his coaching skills during his tenure with various NFL teams, including the Raiders (2012-2014), Dolphins (2015-2017), and the Titans (2018-2022).

Williams’ dedication and hard work led to his promotion to assistant head coach ahead of the 2023 season and now this role as temporary head coach during pre-season.