Former NFL DB TJ Ward Gets Ripped To Shreds By Fans After He Attacked Ron Rivera For Getting Cancer

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  • Washington head coach Ron Rivera expressed frustrations with players not getting vaccinated
  • Former Broncos DB TJ Ward fired back at Rivera by blaming him for getting cancer due to his “life-ling health decisions”
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Former Broncos DB TJ Ward bizarrely decided to take a shot at Ron Rivera for having had cancer which didn’t sit well for many fans.

With many of his players refusing to get vaccinated, Rivera, who previously had cancer and is at high-risk to get complications from Covid-19, expressed his frustrations at those who haven’t gotten the shot.

“I think it’s frustrating. Especially in the fact that last year we were the No. 1 team against COVID,” “Our players took the challenge of staying inside the bubble, doing the things the right way and for the most part, you know we only had two situations. Both of them were guys who weren’t on the active 53, so it turned out to be a positive for us, as far as being COVID free. And now for whatever reason we have some reluctance to do that, to get the vaccine.”

Former NFL defensive back T.J. Ward fired back at Rivera with what many felt were a series of insensitive tweets when he told Washington’s coach to not blame players for the fact that he got cancer due to his “life long health decisions.”

Ward doubled down on his attack on Rivera by telling him that “at some point you gotta pay for your vices.”

Fans went on to rip Ward to shreds for appearing to blame Rivera for getting cancer.

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