To Help Deshaun Watson Get The Attention Of Heisman Voters, Clemson Did The Most Genius Thing Ever

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Winning the Heisman Trophy is one of the greatest individual honors any college football player can accomplish, as it instantly puts a dude into a fraternity that is far more superior than the one where most guys are forced to shave their balls and wear the pubes as a mustache.

With so many players around the country with a strong case to just get invited to New York City as a finalist each and ever year, the No. 1 team in the country, the Clemson Tigers, decided to do something unique to help get their quarterback Deshaun Watson some extra attention.



Rather than take out a giant billboard or something else obnoxious, the Tigers simply put Watson’s credentials into a resume-like format, outlining his experience, education, skills and references—in which they troll some of their former opponents from this year.

Who knows if this shit will actually help/work, but with Watson going for almost 4,000 total yards and 36 total TDs with a chance to take his team to a national title, it’s a wise move to give him a little extra boost over others.

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