Tom Brady’s Bored Ape NFT He Bought In April Has Lost Nearly $200k In Value In Just A Few Months

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Tom Brady got into the Bored Ape craze at the wrong time.

Back in April, Brady bought himself an ape with 133 $ETH which was worth $430k at the time.

Just a few months later and Brady’s Bored Ape NFT has plummeted in value. According to Business Insider, Brady is probably down $200k on his investment as the ape’s worth has dropped by 68 percent.

Via Business Insider

The 45-year-old purchased an NFT from the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club collection in April for 133 ether, which amounted to around $430,000 at the time.

But its value has plummeted in the four months since — 133 ether is now worth $235,436, and the best offer his NFT, #3667, has is 77 ether, or $136,034.31, meaning its worth has dropped by 68%.

Losing a few $100k on a Bored Ape is pocket change for Brady who recently signed a $375 million TV deal with FOX.

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