Tom Brady Got HOOKED Up With A Customized ‘TB12’ Diamond Necklace From Teammate Cordarrelle Patterson

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Tom Brady, seemingly, has it all. Supermodel wife? Check. Family. Check. Fame and fortune? Check. The most Super Bowl rings of all-time? Check. Being known as the GOAT? You betcha.

But one of Brady’s teammates on the New England Patriots, wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, thought the six-time champion needed something else to add to his already extravagant and near-perfect life — some customized ice. That’s why the wideout gifted Tom Brady a personalized ‘TB12’ diamond necklace as a thank you present for leading the Pats to a Super Bowl win.

Patterson, who joined New England last offseason after bouncing around the league with a couple of different teams, showed that he was more than just a little grateful to be playing with the GOAT, so he wanted to make sure that appreciation came in lots and lots of diamonds. Take a look at the necklace Tom Brady got from Patterson, which the quarterback posted onto his Instagram account.

According to TMZ Sports, Tom Brady’s new ice is made with hundreds of diamonds and definitely set Cordarrelle Patterson a healthy amount. How much, though, that’s unsure. Considering the wide receiver’s 2018 salary was a cool $3.25 million, per Spotrac, I’m pretty sure he’s not on some payment plan. Straight cash, homey.

The customized diamond necklace was done by celebrity jeweler “Al the Jeweler”, who boasts a client list of other NFL stars like Jarvis Landry and Stefon Diggs, so adding the GOAT to that list has to be one of his crowning achievements. Not sure if Tom Brady’s going to wear this all that often — he’s got plenty of other jewelry that he can choose from, like, you know, Super Bowl rings — but you’ve got to love the gesture from a teammate as a thank you to the future Hall of Famer for taking him to championship land.

(H/T TMZ Sports)