Tom Brady Had Some Really Nice Things To Say About His Close Friend And Golfing Buddy Donald Trump

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After several weeks of ducking questions about Donald Trump, America’s favorite quarterback (Tom Brady) finally opened up and discussed the nature of his friendship with The Donald. Tom Brady finally addressed this friendship earlier this morning on Kirk and Callahan, a Boston radio show on WEEI.

Callahan and Kirk grilled Tom Brady on why he recently walked out of a press conference when asked about Donald Trump’s leaked audio tape, the one where Donald can be heard discussing grabbing women ‘by the pussy’. Brady had a very level-headed response to that question, and from there he went on to talk about his good friend Donald Trump.

via For The Win:

Brady told WEEI he didn’t answer the question because the Patriots organization is one where players are taught “really to say very little.” He then went on a fairly long tangent about how he’s always used people who’ve doubted him as motivation. He also said he tries not to make headlines.

Brady stood by his friend and golfing buddy, Donald J. Trump:

“Like I said, I met him, you know, I guess, 16 — 15, 16 years ago. So we’ve just played golf together many, many times and, you know, I’ve always had a good time with him. Like I said, he’s been a friend of mine, supported our team. He’s been on the Patriots sidelines a lot and always called me after games to encourage me over the course of 15 years. And, you know, so that’s kind of the way it is.”

Afterward, Callahan and Kirk pressed Brady on who he’d be voting for on November 8th but Brady wouldn’t give in, and instead said he’d discuss who he voted for after Super Tuesday (not realizing Super Tuesday took place 7 or 8 months ago).

For more on this interview, you can click on over to USA Today’s For The Win!

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