Lefty Tom Brady Flashes His Sweet Baseball Swing With QB Wristbands As Rob Gronkowski Plays Outfield

Tom Brady Flashes His Baseball Swing With Rob Gronkowski

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  • Tom Brady showed off his sweet baseball swing.
  • Rob Gronkowski played the outfield as he ponders retirement.
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The NFL offseason is going well for Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback retired, then came back, and is preparing for another season running the show.

On Tuesday, Brady teased everybody with a viral video of him smashing some baseballs and had an outfielder assist him.

Except, the outfielder isn’t a baseball player. Instead, it was longtime friend and teammate Rob Gronkowski, who himself is contemplating retirement and has yet to make a decision just yet.

Brady was hitting baseballs pretty well and Gronkowski was flashing his skills with the leather.

The Tom Brady baseball clip has too much to unpack

Brady really delivered another golden video clip that has everybody talking. First things first, did anybody know that Brady bats left-handed?

He throws right-handed and plays golf right-handed as well. But, for baseball, he turns around and hits lefty. Interesting.

Another thing to observe: Did you see Brady’s wristbands?

Knowing Brady’s absurd work ethic, the legendary quarterback is probably thinking about the plays on the football field while smashing baseballs.

Then, of course, is the Gronk element. The Buccaneers’ tight end has yet to make a decision on playing in 2022. However, he seems to be in great shape still and was having a grand old time with Brady — as he always does.

Last but not least, Brady mentioned in his tweet about the Expos offer. Remember, he was drafted by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB Draft.

Brady sure knows how to keep the internet talking about him, even at the end of May. Oh, and Gronk might just be trying to hint at something as well. Who knows.