Tom Brady Is Spending His Offseason Reenacting Memorable Cinematic Scenes With… Puppies

Tom Brady seems to be recovering nicely from a devastating loss to the Broncos in Denver that was, well, for most of the marbles. But this fiery man’s spirit appears to be far from broken, and that should come as no surprise.

After all, we are talking about one of the most relentless, maniacal Bros on the planet. So, what’s he been up to?

Shooting guns? Punting cats? Tackling empty trash cans? Burning down the Manning family mansion?

Oh no, no, no. Tommy’s been raising puppies into the air to the tune of The Lion King, if I’m not mistaken.


I’m not sure if this should make me more comfortable that Tom Brady is, in fact, a human being just like anyone else, or if I should fear for my fucking life.

So with that said, Tommy, if you’re listening — if you’re out there — I’m on your side, brutha.

And for those who are less inclined to agree with Tommy’s inspiration. Let ’em have it:

Altogether now! Nah.

[H/T Sir Thomas Brady]