This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Tom Brady Mashup Is So Freaking Epic Even Non-Patriots Will Be Hyped AF For His Return

So have you heard? Tom Brady is back under center for the New England Patriots this weekend.

Coaches on other in teams in the NFL are VERY AWARE of it. In fact, some of them are damn near shitting their drawers.

According to Bleacher Report one AFC defensive assistant coach said about Brady’s return, “Thanks to Roger Goodell. Tom Brady is going to kill us all.”

Another defensive assistant from the NFC had dropped this gem, “This Tom Brady scares the shit out of me.”

People around football expect the Patriots to go on a run. An impressive run. One where the Patriots win seven straight or eight of their next nine. Something like that.

They think Brady wants Goodell to be forced to hand him the Lombardi Trophy following another Super Bowl win.

Wow. If they are already wetting their pants at the thought of an angry Tom Brady, then then better not watch this AMAZING video by 17 Productions which mashes up Brady’s return with the death and resurrection of Jon Snow.


And if that wasn’t enough to make defensive coordinators pee their pants, then this video might just finish the job…

So what’s the over-under on Brady TD passes this weekend? 8? 9?

H/T SportsGrid