Tom Brady Wore A Truly Fantastic Jacket At His Postgame Press Conference

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots goofed around and almost dropped a home game to the lowly New York Jets last night. It’s a good thing the AFC East-leading Pats pulled it together in time to block Nick Folk’s potential game-winning field goal as time expired. Otherwise Brady’s postgame jacket would have looked really ridiculous instead of just pretty ridiculous.

Why … why is there so much of it.

He looks like a cross between Bob Benson and one of the detectives trying to hunt down the Zodiac killer. His oversized outwear hangs down lower than Cam Newton’s pants.

It’s quite a look — even for a man who seems to go out of his way to wear only things that would make the average American man look like he was in costume.

[H/T: @mikereiss]