Man Loses Bet Against The Patriots, Has To Get An EMBARRASSING Tattoo Of Tom Brady In Bra And Panties

Betting money or beers over sports wagers is fun, but nothing is more fun than putting everything on the line with a tattoo. Especially a tattoo as ridiculous the one a BroBible reader was forced to get after betting against Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. He was forced to get a tattoo of Tom Brady — uh — touching himself while in bra and panties, lounging on what looks like a deflated football.

Here’s the amazing story from Phil, a BroBible reader, that he left on our Facebook wall.

Buddy of mine and I bet the Super Bowl every yr. Wager tattoos….I lost last yr. funny thing is, the two yrs I took the Patriots in 2008 and 2012 they lost, I bet against them in 2015 they won. Tom Brady has fucked me 3 times now, and every day I’m going to be reminded of that.

And here is the masterpiece itself.

Way to do it for the story. Can you imagine the heart attack Phil must have had when the Pats ran away with the game in the final seconds? He must have needed a defibrillator.

But there’s more about Phil, our reader: This isn’t his only crazy tattoo from a lost bet. Phil left more pics in his Facebook post. For example, there’s the pic of he and his friend together immortalized in ink:

And one of a My Little Pony:

Yes… That’s Patrick Swayze from SNL as a Centaur:

Hell yeah, Phil. If you’re going to get inked forever, might as well make it worthy of a good story or conversation. I think the world NEEDS to know how/why you ended up with a tattoo of Patrick Swayze from SNL as a Centaur on your body.

Stay tuned…

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