Tom Brady Might Be Tipping The Tampa Bay Offensive Plays

Tom Brady Might Be Tipping The Tampa Bay Offensive Plays

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Things are not off to a good start for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. After their 27-22 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football, they are now 3-5 and are staring at not making the playoffs dead in the face. Of course, news about Brady’s marriage has dominated the news lately, and that’s certainly a distraction. But, there’s more than that going on and this team is not clicking on either side of the ball. It’s a roster with a ton of talent, but they’re seemingly getting worse every week.

First-year head coach Todd Bowles appears to be in over his head in this role. Similar complaints were lodged when he was fired as the head coach of the Jets in 2018. And, offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s star has significantly dimmed as the offense has struggled, especially in the red zone, all year. But, something else might be going on that could explain the struggles on that side of the ball for the Bucs.

Tom Brady might be tipping what kind of play is being called by his foot position in the shotgun

During Thursday night’s game, NFL writer Paul Atwal tweeted out a shocking revelation about the GOAT.

he expanded on it further.

Wow. Could this explain why the Bucs can’t run the ball effectively?

That’s a shocking stat for a team that ran the ball well the last two years. It’s even more shocking that someone as smart about the game of football as Tom Brady is could be the one tipping plays. I have to wonder now what teams have noticed it and are scheming accordingly.

Imagine if this was the entire key to turning the Tampa Bay season around. This writer who covers the team for a Buccaneers-dedicated site would have literally won the team a Super Bowl.