Shocked Fans Try To Make Sense Of Tom Brady Taking Extended Leave Of Absence From Camp

Fans React To Tom Brady Taking Extended Leave Of Absence From Camp

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Tom Brady has absolutely nothing left to prove over the course of an NFL career that has spanned more than two decades, but the fact that he decided to return for a 23rd season after prematurely announcing his retirement earlier this year tells you everything you need to know about his passion for football.

The 45-year-old quarterback is a legendary competitor who hasn’t let many things stop him from stepping on the gridiron. As a result, the fact that he’s recently missed multiple practices as the Buccaneers gear up for the regular season seemed fairly out of character, and the team citing an unspecified “personal matter” as the explanation only helped to fuel speculation and give some people cause for concern.

Brady was absent once again when Tampa Bay convened for training camp on Thursday, and all eyes turned to Todd Bowles when he sat down with members of the media after promising to address the situation in a bit more detail.

While that session did leave a bit to be desired, Bowles revealed Brady has been given permission to take an extended leave of absence and is expected to return shortly after the Bucs face off against the Titans in a preseason showdown on August 20th (although he declined to definitively state a return date—or even guarantee Brady will start Week 1).

The head coach said Brady discussed the planned hiatus with the team before training camp commenced and once again cited an unspecified “personal issue” while stressing the break had nothing to do with the QB’s health.

It’s safe to assume there’s a reason Brady and the Bucs have declined to offer more details concerning what appears to be a private matter. Of course, that has naturally resulted in tons of speculation concerning the real explanation— although every theory that’s currently out there right now is exactly that: speculation.

It’s hard to imagine more details won’t emerge at some point in the coming days, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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