Tom Brady Says It’s ‘Pretty Unlikely’ He Retires, Will Not ‘Predict’ If He’s Coming Back To New England

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Tom Brady’s season came to an abrupt end when he threw a pick-six interception at the end of Saturday night’s playoff game against the Titans.

After the game, Brady was asked about his future and while he did say it was unlikely that he was going to “retire”, he did not commit to returning to the Patriots next season.

“I love the Patriots,” Brady said. “It’s the greatest organization. Playing for Mr. Kraft all these years and for Coach Belichick, there’s nobody that’s had a better career than me just being with them. I’m very blessed and I don’t know what the future looks like and I’m not going to predict it.”

Brady is now a free agent and there has been plenty of speculation about where he’s going to end up next season but at the end of the day only Brady knows what he’s going to do.

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