Cleveland Radio Announcer’s Call Of The Tim Anderson-Jose Ramirez Fight Was Electric

Jose Ramirez is pulled away after punching Tim Anderson.

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Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez were involved in an explosive fight Saturday night that shook the baseball world. Cleveland Guardians radio announcer Tom Hamilton’s call of the scrum made it all the more electric.

In what sounded more like a scene from a heavyweight boxing match, Hamilton’s “Down goes Anderson!” rang out as the shortstop fell to the clay.

The scuffle made huge headlines over the weekend in that AL Central battle. With the White Sox leading 5-0 in the bottom of the sixth inning, Jose Ramirez laced a double down the right field line. As Ramirez slid into second, he got tangled up with Tim Anderson.

Anderson applied a tag and stood over Ramirez before words were exchanged and the fight was sparked. The two sluggers immediately took boxing stances, and the haymakers began to fly.

Anderson missed on his attempt, but Ramirez landed his shot cleanly.

The right hook caught Anderson on the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He remained dazed for some time as his teammates eventually escorted him to the dugout.

Clips of the shot heard ’round the world quickly made their way to social media, one of which included the call from Cleveland radio host Tom Hamilton.

“Down goes Anderson!” Hamilton exclaimed. “Anderson squared up, Jose decked him!”

Another angle of the brawl shows Ramirez’s punch synced up with Hamilton’s call from the broadcast booth.

Eventually, the two teams cleared the field and got back to the action. Ramirez’s RBI double cut into the White Sox lead, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Cleveland fell, 7-4, losing ground in the divisional race.