Forget Your Brackets, Tom Izzo’s Emotional Message To Denzel Valentine Is Why You’ll Cry About Sparty Losing

I know that we’re all upset, shocked and still in disbelief that the No. 2-seeded Michigan State Spartans were ousted in the NCAA Tourney’s first-round by 15th-seeded Middle Tennessee State. But while we drown our sorrows with shots because our brackets are busted, Sparty head coach Tom Izzo is crying for other reasons.

Following the incredible loss—one of the biggest in March Madness history—Izzo was a class act and talked to reporter Dana Jacobson, giving an emotionally charged message to outgoing senior Denzel Valentine, who just played his last game for the Spartans, which nearly brought the coach to tears.

Valentine was looked at as the reason so many picked State to make it to the Final Four, but instead leaves with a disappointing loss that no one saw coming. Now, does anyone have any tissues because I’m crying over here.

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