Tommy Pham Continues To Feud With Fans, Sends Message To Those Who Attack His Family Online

Tommy Pham warms up before a game against the Padres.

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Tommy Pham continues to feud with baseball fans online. A day after getting into a verbal altercation with San Diego Padres supporters, the Arizona outfielder was seen ripping into his attackers on social media.

Now, he’s taken it a step further with a threat for those that go after his family.

Pham made headlines over the weekend after getting into an argument with a group of fans near the dugout. He claimed that one onlooker called him a “piece of s—” as he took swings in the on-deck circle sparking a back and forth.

That interaction soon made its way onto Twitter, causing another reaction from the Diamondback. He says it wasn’t the only harassment he dealt with during his road trip to San Diego.

The hate from his former team’s fans seemed to fuel him as he had a great series against the Padres. In four games, Pham went 5-18 with a pair of homers, a triple, a double, and four RBIs.

One of those home runs proved to be the game winner on Sunday, and he took his victory lap after the contest.

“Silence the hate with success,” an Instagram post read as he flashed a few highlights from the weekend.

The online activity only led to more criticism, and he claims it’s now involved his family members.

Tommy Pham says fans are attacking his 13-yr old nephew online.

The outfielder had a message for those taking shots at his family on social media. He sent out a tweet Monday afternoon that read, “PSA to all fans coming at my nephew on Instagram. Leave my nephew out of this. He’s 13 years old and shocker it’s all white people. Your life must suck really bad for you to talk s— to a 13-year-old!”

Pham, again, hinted at racism being a motivation behind the attacks, something that he insinuated in his previous argument.

While the veteran continues to get berated by fans and even former teammates, he has seen a few people showing support following the incidents.

Manager Torey Lovullo said, “These [Padres] fans are awful to Tommy,” after Sunday’s game. “I don’t know the details of it. I just didn’t like what’s coming out of these fans’ mouth. It’s real, I’m not making that up. If you get near our dugout, you’d be amazed at what’s being said.”

Mets owner Steve Cohen, another team that Pham once played for, also gave his backing.

Pham will look to put the controversy behind him and help the Diamondbacks reach the postseason.

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