White Sox Manager Tony La Russa Gets Clowned Again As He Intentionally Walks Jose Ramirez With An 0-1 Count

Tony La Russa Calls For An Intentional Walk On An 0-1 Count

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Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa continues to raise eyebrows. Of course, his priceless reaction from a wild 8-5 triple play was all the buzz recently.

But, La Russa’s managerial decisions are quite confusing. On Tuesday, another strange occurrence happened against the Cleveland Guardians.

With Guardians slugger Jose Ramirez at the plate, White Sox pitcher Davis Martin intentionally walked Ramirez.

But, the most confusing part is that it was on an 0-1 count.

With a runner on and two outs — and the Guardians up by four — La Russa stunned everybody. Sure, an intentional walk to Ramirez makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is throwing one pitch and THEN walking him. Oh, and the pitch was a strike. The announcers were just as confused as everybody else and simply had no explanation for La Russa’s decision.

La Russa caught a ton of heat for this decision — and rightfully so.

It has been a rough season for La Russa, and the White Sox are falling quickly in the American League Central. As the announcers said, there is no explanation for intentionally walking somebody on an 0-1 pitch, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for La Russa’s reasoning.

However, the next batter, Franmil Reyes, struck out to end the inning. So, that’s good news for La Russa.