Report: Tony Parker’s Comments Were The ‘Last Straw’ For Kawhi Leonard In San Antonio

Back in March there were reports that Kawhi Leonard was angry unhappy with the Spurs’ team doctors for misdiagnosing his quad injury. A few weeks after the report, Leonard’s teammate Tony Parker spoke to the media and basically threw Kawhi under the bus.

Via Tom Orsborn

Tony Parker on his return from the career-threatening quad injury he suffered last May: I’ve been through it. It was a rehab for me for eight months. Same kind of injury (as Kawhi), but mine was a hundred times worse. But the same kind of injury. You just stay positive.”

Tony also said he never considered getting a second-opinion after he tore his quad: “I could have gone anywhere, but I trust my Spurs doctors. They have been with me my whole career. They know my body better than anybody…I feel like we have the best medical team in the world.”

Tonight, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski elaborated that Parker’s comments were the “last straw” for Kawhi in San Antonio.

The last straw for him I was told was when Tony Parker made those comments about my quad injury was 100x times worse, if you remember shortly after Kawhi Leonard left San Antonio and didn’t want to be a part of that media glare there and didn’t come back until the season was over with

Tony Parker is a legend in San Antonio but Spurs fans are not going to be happy with him if he was the main reason Kawhi decided to leave.

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