Tony Romo Gets Criticized By Viewers For Appearing To Defend Aaron Rodgers During Broadcast

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People aren’t happy with Tony Romo over his comments regarding Aaron Rodgers on Sunday.

Before this week, Rodgers had been at the center of controversy after people felt he misled people about his vaccination status when he said he was “immunized.” While speaking to the media on Tuesday, Rodgers said he took full responsibility if people felt misled by his actions.

During the Seahawks-Packers broadcast, Romo appeared to take a sympathetic tone while reporting on the Rodgers situation when he said that he was glad the star QB took responsibility when people felt he misled everyone about his vaccination status.

“I’m glad he did that; I’m glad he took responsibility for that. I’m glad that he said that he misled people…and I think the biggest thing, you know it’s a polarizing issue, but I can promise you he felt the weight of it the last few weeks, it’s something that he’s not thinking about anything else, and it’s been, make no mistake, a very challenging week for him”

Some viewers felt Romo was letting Rodgers off the hook with his comments.

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