An Emotional Tony Romo Gave A Tremendously Classy Speech Handing The Reins Over To Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is having one of the greatest rookie years ever for an NFL quarterback. He’s got the Dallas Cowboys rolling along at 8-1 and is making plays while committing very few mistakes along the way.

So with Tony Romo about set to make his return from injury, what are the Cowboys to do? Well, Romo himself just made that decision (which really wasn’t one) that much easier.

Heck, even on Sunday it appeared that Romo knew the writing was on the wall when he caught on the sidelines saying, “It’s his time,” when Dak hit Dez Bryant for a sweet 50-yard touchdown.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Romo delivered what had to be a very difficult speech where he graciously admitted that it is indeed Dak Prescott’s time.

“Football is a meritocracy, you aren’t handed anything. You earn everything, every single day, over and over again, you have to prove it,” said Romo. “That’s the way that the NFL, that’s the way that football works. A great example of this is Dak Prescott, and what he’s done. He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right.”

Romo, always the classy guy, also said that he feels guilty for getting injured and not being able to bring his team a title after all these years.

As for where Romo’s career goes from here, despite being fragile these days, the guy can still play when healthy so he will end up somewhere.

Some are speculating that Denver might be a nice fit. As I recall there was another aging quarterback coming off a serious spine injury that seemed to do pretty well there at the end of his career.

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