According To Advanced Statistics This Is The Best NBA Free Agent, And It’s Not Someone You’d Expect

Unlike MLB teams thriving on the ‘Moneyball’ approach to winning and using sabermetrics to craft a winning team year after year (see: Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland A’s), the NBA has been laughably sluggish when it comes to adapting advanced stats with regard to drafting players and acquiring players via free agency. However, according to the infographic below (via NowSourcing) when advanced stats such as PER (Player Efficiency Rating) are used the value of a free agent or draftee becomes a whole lot more clear. Something of note is that the final four teams in this year’s NBA Playoffs are big believers in using a stats-driven approach to winning, so already the application of advanced stats such as PER is taking a foothold in the NBA.

Using those advanced stats the infographic below shows that this year’s top free agent is actually Tobias Harris, a versatile forward with the Orlando Magic. Here’s the infographic I keep talking about:

When you take a look at his stats, his age, and his body of work…well, somehow Tobias Harris appears to be the #1 free agent in the NBA this year. This is something I’d NEVER expect, and I’m a Florida sports fan.

The stats don’t lie, and if they’re indication of what’s to come then Tobias Harris is about to get PAID out the wazoo in free agency, as he’s deserving of every penny.

via NowSourcing