One Of The Top Quarterbacks In This Year’s NFL Draft Has Reportedly Been ‘Bombing’ Interviews

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Getty Image / David Becker

We are getting down to crunch time for NFL Draft prospects to secure their spots on draft boards around the league.

There is sure to be plenty of movement over the next month for players throughout the draft as teams make their final decisions on what they want with their picks.

Unfortunately for one prospect, it looks like they could be moving in the wrong direction.

According to Chad Forbes, Will Levis has been bombing his interviews recently.

For most positions I’m not really sure how much of an issue this would be, but you really can’t afford to interview badly as a quarterback.

It’s a position where you need to have rapport with the coaching staff and they have to have confidence in your ability to lead the team.

Of all of the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft, Levis is probably the one that can least afford to have bad interviews.

Stroud and Young established themselves as pretty safe options for any potential suitors over the course of their college careers. Anthony Richardson is an unbelievable athlete and that could be enough to entice a team into using a top pick on him.

Will Levis has a big arm, but his college stats weren’t all that impressive and he isn’t an elite quarterback on tape. Toss in these concerns about his interviews and it becomes difficult to see how a team could convince themselves to spend an early 1st rounder on him.

It sounds like Will Levis has some work to do over the next month to secure his spot as one of the top quarterbacks in this draft class.